Existentia Brighton

Existentia Exhibition
5th July at 17:29 ·
Merging technology, media and art, the exhibition offers diverse and innovative installation pieces. Come experience a one of a kind show!

MA Digital Media Arts
Graduate show 2019
University of Brighton : Grand Parade Campus

JULY 5 - JULY 13

Launching Soon!

The Existensia is a new digital media artists group at the University of Brighton, concluding in 5th to 13th July 2019 with a final event. This will be an opportunity for them to present their ideas and developed works through the programme and to invite an audience of the creative community and guests in the industry.

Zore Moshref is a digital media artist with graphic design background based at Brighton and Eastbourne participate with The Existentia group. Her current practice involves an exploration of making an interactive installation by using coding programme and collaboration with live performance, choreography, data visualisation tools which provide an interactive way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data in digital media art.

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Launching SOON: Diverse digital art exhibition featuring up and coming local and international artists from University of Brighton.
✖️JULY 5-JULY 13✖️

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Byond The Screen:
Interactive Instalation

This section is on the process

During this course I will experiment


Presenting a Body of Work

This section is on the process

This module enables me to have the opportunity to develop a body of work suitable for public presentation 


Theoretical, Contextual and Historical Research Project Idea

This section is on the process

Within this project, I try to work and research in the feild of historical, cultural and contemporary practice and critical discourse based on digital media art

Phoenix Zombie Plaza

 Attention Please!
Thank you, everyone who participated within this project, I need to inform you that the PhoenixZombie limitation is now finished as I have already received more than its limit.
All the pictures are on the process and they will be upload to this site as soon as they are getting ready.

Thanks people who joined this website to collaborate with this projet

Connect with either MTurk or Phoenix to Zombie plaza website or social media;  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account to collaborate with this project by sending a maximum of a 100 word of a story about Phoenix or Zombie or send a permitted picture of a bird meaning Phoenix or a creature meaning Zombie at size of 2.5x2.26cm=75x65pixels, based on your opinion or on your local culture.

I will change them to calligraphy drawing and upload it into its related website and webpage.

You can get your own drawing for free based on your email registrations and the unique ID, you have received it through MTurk, or your social media id that you have used to send your pictures or stories. The artworks can be published through the social media as well. Individuals can publish free personal drawings; other people themes can be purchased.

Please mentioned that first picture comes, serves first as I have already received lots of pictures. Also, it will take time to change them to calligraphy and upload them to its website and social media so thanks for your patience during these times.

You can collaborate on this project using different social media
Read more about it below on:
  About This Project

 Video Description:

An example of a drawing video I made;

The picture called Phoenix no 2, has been received from a Facebook follower and copied into the computer to change it to a calligraphy drawing and when it's finished, it's uploaded into the main phoenxzombieplaza website 

first draft of this webpage 

The Idea of this webpage was based on MA/Network Practice Base course
Started with the idea of asking people to share thier pictures, images, stories about either phoenix or zombies based on their own culture through Mturk 
The picture show the requst form through Mturk website

You can find and read about this project on the following social media, using their links underneath



No special actions required, all maximum 100 words story you make,  or if you want to upload your photo or picture, you only need to login with your facebook account and upload them to Phoenix to Zombie page.


Publish your story, picture or photo using MTurk workers. You need to register as Mturk worker. Also you can upload your website to local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Github. Don't limit yourself to just one platform or service provider.


Instagram account has been set up and all you need to do is send a maximum of a 100 word story you make, or upload your photos or pictures, you only need to login with your instagram account and upload them to Phoenix to Zombie page.



Use Phoenixzombie’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram account to upload less than a 100 word story or your own choice of symbols or pictures, either by picking them up from some books, magazines, networks, newspapers or even drawing and using different social media to upload them including hashtags pictures or blogs.

For instance choose your own favourite bird and alternatively explain why you have chosen that bird for that specific symbol “phoenix" and the meaning behind that symbol or which part of your country is using that symbol.
If you have less than a 100 word story, please upload it too
An individual can upload up to10 pictures, drawings or stories.

The pictures or stories that are being using as a source to draw and change to a calligraphy drawing are going to be at a size of 2.5cm by 2.25cm approximately equal to 75px by 65px, maximum of 5MB in PNG format; due to uploading speed and network data limitations. Picture backgrounds are not included of drawing, only the main element which is a bird or a creature for phoenix or zombie in the picture will be used.

After the number of the symbols received, I will collect all the information and put it in one place to make a one board as calligraphy artwork. Next year I will put them in a clickable map through the main website. The viewers can find their own parts and use them as a theme or as a group project art work. The artwork can be published through social media. Individuals can publish free personal drawings, other people's themes can be purchased.

This project will run until end of August 2018, pictures receiving after this time will not participate within this project.

Visit this Website link to read more details about this project:

{ }

You can send or upload your selected pictures or drawings in the phoenix to zombie social media platforms on;

You can see the video clip of making their calligraphy in:


King's Drive
East Sussex