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Join With My New Project!
Welcome to Phoenix to Zombie Calligraphy Drawing Project

By using the Amazon Mechanical MTurk website_(Mturk)_or the Phoenix and Zombie Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram account, to bringing a human touch to the daily lives of its users through asking some questions about a few symbols, followed by collecting some data and information’s about your choice of symbols.

Using its social media account, choose your own favourite bird symbols meaning Phoenix, for instance, and explain why you have chosen that bird and the same with Zombie, also you can explain that which part of your countries using that symbols and what sort of meaning is behind of that symbols. You can upload your own choice of the symbols or pictures either by picking them up such as; permitted pictures from some books, magazines, networks, newspapers or even drawing, using the labelled pictures or images for reuse with modification through different social media including hashtags pictures or blogs.

Then after the number of the symbols receiving, I will collect all the information to put them in one place to make a one board as a calligraphy artwork and put them in its related website page that all participant or viewers can find their own parts or see others, also the artworks can be bought through its own website which is (MTurk).

Things to consider and follow: Timing; the project through social media will either last for 90 days approximately 3 months, but consider that the MTurk project has been running only for 7 days from the date registered and started.

The idea needs to be relatively simple.

Rules and boundaries; all pictures have to be in PNG formatted and the size has to be less than 300 by 300 pixels to decrease the uploading time, and through MTurk has to be exact size provided by its own website.

Stories character limit will be 100 words, due to the uploading time.

As well as MTurk the relevant website’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo account is available as a platform to send your photos, pictures, and stories, also you can use these social media for your question and post comments.

I will commence the project by posting an image on its own website, then I will start to create by receiving the first image/pictures or stories and upload them to this webpage.

By signing and sending your pictures, photos, and stories for this project, you will give us the fullest permissions to use them.

All the links that you can use to participate in this project are provided within either any of this website pages. In this page, you can find them in the footer. Just click on the links or icons you want, sign in and send your pictures or stories.




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Email: z.moshref1@uni.brighton.ac.uk