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Zore is an artist who was born in Tehran in 1967 and curentely lives in Eastbourne and work there. She has graduated in Graphic Art and Design from Kamal-Al Molk, Faculty School of Art and Design. She has got her B.A degree in Visual Communication Art and Design in Azad University Tehran, Iran in 1994. At the moment, she is studying M.A in Digital Media Art at the University of Brighton. During these years, her life was undergoing the influence of many ups and downs. She was a witness of a revolution, and after that, an eight-year-long arduous and intolerable of war.

But after a period of hard work in which she identified the art of advertising and it's progressions in Iran, she overcame a lot of discriminative hardships and calamities that were carried out by the Islamic government. She decided to be silent and sanctioned all her artworks being involved in any government events and exhibition participation for two decades.
During these years, she fought for the Iranian women’s rights, children’s and defenseless people by her silent protests.

When the revolution in Iran occurred, all advertising companies were banned for five years by the Islamic government. Zore was the first woman who fought against the law forbidding women to be involved in advertising between 1983-1989. Furthermore, she was one of the initial group of four people who reopened the first advertising company, called Avazeh Advertising and Media Co in 1989, and therefore rebuilt the company under the name of Citeh Advertising and Media Co, Persis International LLC in 1989. This was the first company which started to make billboards in Tehran- Iran in 1990.

After that, within her 18 years working as a graphic designer, art director, and art manager, she built an advertising section for several companies, included The Sahara Horse Breading Centre, Iron Horse Company and Navar Industrial Joint Stock Company and may more ...
She was the weekly Horse Racing Centre designer and programmer for more than 4 years in the entire country.

She is studying and working in the field of MA Digital Media Art. She is working on the project called; the phoenixzombieplaza which is the public social media collaborations with zombie and phoenix calligraphy which you see in this website.

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East Sussex